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At Immigration Lawyer Los Angeles, we know that you have plenty of questions about immigration and the laws that surround it. Our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles is ready to provide you with the information you need and answer all of your questions. Below, you will find some of the most commonly asked questions our immigration attorney in Los Angeles receives. We are committed to helping you through the process. Should you still have a question or two after looking through the FAQs, please call our office today at (323) 381 5575.

Can I avoid deportation?

Deportation is when a person is involuntarily removed from the United States. The person is also then banned from reentering the country. If a person reenters the country they were deported from, they will be charged with a federal crime and sent back to the country they came to the US from. Yes, you can avoid being deported depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Calling an immigration attorney as soon as possible will ensure that an expert has adequate time to help you.

My partner is not a citizen. Can they enter the country so we can get married?

You can obtain a fiancé visa if you are engaged. This allows non-citizens to enter the country so that they can be married. After marriage, an adjustment of status can be applied for. The process can be confusing, but our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles can help.

What is a lawful permanent resident?

A lawful permanent resident is one who has obtained a green card and is allowed to legally work and live within the US. The difference between a lawful permanent resident and a US citizen is that a permanent resident cannot vote in elections, cannot live outside of the US, and cannot travel out of the US for long periods of time. In addition, a permanent resident can have their privileges revoked if they commit serious crimes.

What is the difference between a green card and a visa?

A green card is documentation that shows that an immigrant or foreign national is allowed to work and live in the US legally. Those who have a green card may become eligible to apply for their US citizenship.

A visa is a type of passport stamp that will allow you to apply for permission to enter into the US. Many people do not understand what a visa is, so it is important to speak with a qualified attorney on the matter. Visas do NOT guarantee that you will be allowed to enter into the US. In fact, the decision for you to enter into the US is made by the US Customs and Border Protection team, which will also determine how long you are allowed to stay for and if there are any restrictions you must follow.


How can I be sure I can apply for a green card?

There are several ways that you can gain a green card in the US and our green card attorney in Los Angeles will discuss those ways with you. Some of the pathways include being a refugee, business immigration, family immigration, significant financial investments in the US, and more.

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